Ginetta Cars Limited was founded in 1958 by the Walklett brothers, with the aim of producing a range of kitcars, (G2 and G3) to give the man in the street a cost effective method of going racing.

The 1961 Racing Car Show saw the launch of the G4 which featured a glass fibre open body and Ford 105E running gear. The G4 was designed to be a usable everyday car but remain very competitive in motorsport. It achieved this feat regularly beat MGB's and TR's and eventually the mighty Jaguar 3.8. The growing tally of race wins attracted the attention of the press and firmly established the Ginetta name. In 1963 a G4 Coupe was introduced alongside the GT and featured a BMC axle and in testing reached 120 mph with a 1500 cc engine.1964 saw the launch of the G10 and G11 featuring Ford V8 and MGB engines respectively, as well as the G12 a pure mid-engined competition car. 1967 saw Ginetta launch its first “turnkey” car the G15, powered by a Hillman Imp engine, which was joined in 1970 by the larger G21 which was available with either a 1725 cc Sunbeam Rapier or 3 litre Ford V6 engine.The 1980s saw Ginetta return to the kitcar market with the G27, G26 and G31 all three using Ford parts. Whilst the 1990’s saw the launch of a range of mid-engined “turnkey” cars, the G32 (coupe and convertible) with a choice of 1.6 and 1.9 litre engines, and the G33 roadster with a 3.9 litre V8.Following the retirement of the Walklett brothers in 1989, the company was sold to Martin Phaff, Mike Modiri and Ivor Walklett backed by Yorkshire Venture Capital, unfortunately the Company failed (Sept ’92) however Martin Phaff backed by an international group of enthusiasts managed to save and restructure the Company (Jan ’93). In 1996 the Company developed a one-make race Championship initially for G27’s and then in 2002 for the new G20 model which became the UK’s largest one class single make Championship. A coupe version was made and this was the basis of a junior series launched for 2005 aimed at 14-17yr olds, which used a 1.4 ltr Ford Zetec engine.In December 2005 Lawrence Tomlinson bought the Company, this offered Ginetta the chance to expand and explore new markets and activities. The race Championships expanded into Europe and the Company achieved the long held dream of the Walklett Brothers to enter cars at Le Mans.This CarIn 2006 Martin Phaff, who remained with the Company, explored the possibility of Ginetta launching a Junior one make rally series within the BTRDA 1400cc Championship and set about modifying a G20 coupe race car into a rally car. The car’s debut was in the hands of Neil Weaver on the Kall Kiwk Rally part of the R.A.C Rally in November and whilst the car proved highly competitive a broken ball joint ensured a relatively early exit.2007 was a year of development by Marcel Freling ahead of the launch of the Avo Ginetta Rally Cup. The team saw highs and lows, taking 1st in class on the North Humberside Forest and the Red Dragon rallies taking 1st in class on every stage in the latter. With 6th and 3rd on the Wyedean and Somerset Stages respectively it was looking good, unfortunately a number of DNFs as track car parts failed on the demanding rally stages put paid to any Championship hopes. Tony Jardine used the car on the Sunseeker Rally, again the car proved very competitive but a trackrod end failure resulted in early retirement. Ginetta had to concentrate on its new race Championships starting throughout Europe, so the one make rally Championship was shelved.When Martin Phaff left Ginetta in 2008 he purchased the G20 GTRS rally car from the Company and with Andy Dawson entered a few events but their combined age of 130+ meant getting in and more importantly out of the car was sadly becoming farcical and the car was sold. The then owner due to other commitments was unable to use the car often and so it was placed up for sale again where it was bought by the current owner and his son.TechnicalEngine : 1400cc Ford Zetec, 16v DOHC. Naturally Aspirated, Fuel Injection.Power : 165 BHP