Following the cancellation of Group B by the FISA, Mitsubishi were left with a ready to go 4WD system from a prototype un-homologated Starion 4WD platform. A home for the 4WD system was soon found in the Galant. The car was designated VR-4 and made its debut in Group A on the World Rally Championship in 1988.

Its first top 5 placing came in 1989, where it secured a 4th place on the Acropolis Rally, with wins coming shortly after on the 1000 Lakes and the RAC rallies. 1990 saw Mitsubishi secure 2nd place in the Manufacturers Championship following a consistent campaign.

The 1991 Acropolis Rally saw Mitsubishi introduce an evolution model of the Galant, which swiftly made its ambitions clear taking fastest times on no less than 30 of the 48 stages. Despite the promising start, the evolution model failed to win an event during its first season, but the previous model made up for that with two victories.

The Galant’s factory backed competition campaign came to an end at the closure of the 1992 season, when Mitsubishi’s announced its new WRC challenger, the Lancer Evolution.

This Car

Is a Galant VR-4 RS (they only built 1000 in 1991 and were never sold officially in Europe), it was delivered directly to Ralliart by Mitsubishi and is extremely rare being 1 of 4 factory Group N cars, as Ralliart didn't build Group N cars normally. It was built to run alongside the works Group A cars to win the Indonesian Group N championship, by special request of Mitsubishi Indonesia.

To say the car was a success is an understatement as it won its class in every event it entered over the next 2 years, ensuring the car and its current owner won their championship two years back to back. During those 2 years the car was run and serviced by the factory team and even got Yokohama factory team only tyres (which had to be return to factory once used, to ensure they did not fall into private hands).

Being a factory built car, it has a works Group A shell (trimmed to look like a Group N), a Ralliart blueprinted engine with special works ECU, Ralliart built synchro gearbox and diff (basically private spec Group A), disconnected 4 wheel steering (which it should have had in Group N, so factory stripped all the guts of the system), Group A exhaust, suspension and tops specially approved for Indonesia and finally Group A works wheels.

The car is totally original having been given to its owner by Ralliart and Mitsubishi Asia at the end of the 2nd year of competition in recognition of his achievement.


Engine : Turbocharged, Fuel Injected, Four Cylinder, DOHC, 16v, 2ltr, Transversally mounted, 400 bhp

Power : 295BHP