The original Lancer RS was launched in 1993 as successor to the Galant VR-4. Whilst being smaller and nimbler suffered from lack of commitment by Mitsubishi to the world rally championship as they preferred to spend the budget on Paris-Dakar and other Rally Raids with the Pajeros. That said its first season saw the Lancer RS finish 4th and 6th on the Monte Carlo Rally, 3rd on the Acropolis Rally, 4th on Rally Australia, 2nd on the RAC.

The Evo 2 was launched in 1994 and benefitted from greater commitment by Mitsubishi. A bigger Turbo and Intercooler improved outright power, but the car suffered from transmission troubles as it was Mitsubishi’s first attempt at an active gearbox, preferring to use electro-magnetic rather than follow other manufacturers down the hydraulic path. The 1994 season saw 2nd on the Acropolis, 3rd on Rally New Zealand. Whilst the 1995 season saw 4th on Monte Carlo Rally, 1st on the Swedish Rally, 1st on the Hong Kong-Beijing Rally and 1st overall in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship.

The Evo 3 was launched in 1995 and saw improvements to downforce, a change in suspension from Japanese manufacturer Showa to Swedish manufactured Ohlins, and further revisions to the intercooler. The greatest change in fortune though came from the FIA reduction in turbo restrictors from 38mm to 34mm which played to the strengths of the long stroke engine fitted to the Lancer.

The 1995 results speak for themselves, with 2nd on the Safari, 3rd on the Tour de Corse, 1st on the 1000 Lakes and Australian rallies. 1996 was even better with 1st on the Swedish, Safari, Argentine, New Zealand, 1000 Lakes and Australian and 2nd on the Acropolis rallies. The 1996 results saw Tommi Makkinen secure the drivers championship, having won over half the championships rallies in a season.

This Car

This 1995 Mitsubishi Evo 3 was originally built by an ex Ralliart Mechanic to international group N spec for John Perrot to compete on the British rallying scene. It was also used by Tim Freeman to secure many overall and class wins.

The current owner has upgraded the car to customer spec Group A and it is presented in 1996 San Remo livery. The current owner actively competes the car today holding his own against more modern-day rally cars.

Technical :-

Engine : 2000cc, 4 cylinder, 16v, DOHC, 300bhp 

Induction : Turbo Charged, Fuel Injected

Transmission : Four Wheel Drive, Six Speed