The Peugeot 306 Maxi’s heritage can be traced back to the 306 S16’s debut on the 1994 Rally GB, where in the hands of Martin Rowe it finished an impressive 14th overall.  From its debut late in 1994, it did not take long to evolve into a very competitive machine, as privateer drivers ensured that Peugeot won the 1995 official 2-Litre World Championship for Makes.

With the creation of the F2 Kit Car class, which required cars to be 2 ltr, non turbo and 2 wheel drive, Peugeot swiftly altered the successful S16 so that it complied with the new rules.  The redesigned car brought with it a ‘Banshees wail’ reminiscent of the Group B era.  The engine was designed alongside the 406 touring car’s engine, but without the rev limits constraints of the Touring Cars rules, Peugeot Sport duly managed to get the engine to rev beyond 10,000 rpm without sacrificing reliability.

When the car debuted at the 1995 French Championship Rallye Alsace-Vogues it caused some surprises.  The first was for the organisers who had to hastily shorten one stage, when it was discovered that the car’s portly dimensions were wider than a bridge before the planned stage finish.  The second was for the other competitors as the unknown Peugeot F2 car which was seeded 38th came home 2nd overall, pushing eventual winner Patrick Bernardini in his fresh works Escort Cosworth all the way to the finish line! 

This wasn’t just a flash of brilliance either as during the 1998 season the 306 Maxi dominated all other F2 Kit Cars, an example of which was in the hands of Francois Delecour on the Tour de Corse, where he came 2nd (by seconds) in wet conditions to Colin McRae's 4wd Subaru Impreza WRC, but over 16 minutes ahead of Martin Rowe's F2 Renault Mégane and over 17 minutes ahead of Alister McRae's F2 Hyundai Coupé Kit Car.  The result become even more impressive when you remember that the F2 Kit Car regulations stipulated the cars had to be two wheel drive.

This Car

Is chassis number 34, and is the factory works car that Francois Delecour used to dominate the class in 1998.


Engine          : Transversally mounted, 2 ltr (Evolution 9), 16v, DOHC, 305 BHP
Induction      : Fuel Injected, normally aspirated

Transmission : Front Wheel Drive, 6 Speed with Flat Shift