The Peugeot 504 was homologated, initially as the V6 coupe on the 1st July 1975 as a Group 3 car, quickly becoming a regular entrant on endurance safari events in Africa, where it enjoyed a number of successes.

With the arrival of the Group B rules in 1982, the 504 rally variants were expanded, the V6 coupe was ‘grandfathered’ across, next came the pickup truck on the 1st December 1982 and lastly the 4 door saloon on the 1st August 1983. Whilst it may seem strange that a pickup would be under the same rules as the winged fire breathing brethren 205 T16, this is by quirk of the fact that the cockpit area in the pickup was too small to be allowed in Group A & N.

Africa held two rounds of the WRC in the Group B era the Kenyan Safari Rally and the Cote d’Ivoire Rally. On its debut WRC event the 1983 Safari Rally, the 504 pickup finished 8th in the hands of Johnny Hellier and John Hope. A year later the pair would be the pickup home in 15th on the same event. The best finish for the 504 pickup came on the 1984 Cote d’Ivoire Rally, where it finished 5th in the hands of David Horsey and David Williamson. The pairing of David and David would take the unlikely rally hero to the 1984 African Championship title.

This Car

Is a tribute to the most unlikely of rally cars. Its creator undertook the same journey as the Peugeot factory team. He began with a humble, solid, but uninspiring pickup truck and by upgrading a number of components such as brakes, suspension and engine internals, transforming it into the vehicle you see before today.

Technical :-

Engine : 1.97 Ltr, 4 cylinder, 8v, SOHC, 170bhp 

Induction : Naturally Aspirated, Twin Weber Carburettors

Transmission : Rear Wheel Drive, Five Speed